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Even adults can learn to ski…

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Every year more and more #adults learn to #ski. Learning success depends heavily on the person himself – it is only the motivation, preparation and physical condition of the adult ski #beginner. The first skiholiday can be enjoyed without painful soreness. You need just a bit physical preparation for the first day on the slopes in advance with short exercises that are easy to integrate into everyday life. If you keep fit throughout the year, you will be able to enjoy skiing every moment on the slopes.

How long should adults learn to ski?

If you are not sure whether skiing becomes a new passion, you can try out the sport during a weekend or weekly course. It is difficult to establish an exact guideline for the ideal duration of an adult #skicourse. In general, it is said that after three days in the ski course, the first turns on a blue track are easily handled. Anyone who then takes another 1 - 2 days to consolidate what they have learned can already master blue slopes at the end of the week. Our philosophy in Sankiyski School is learning with the instructor 2 hours each day and practicing on your own after the #lesson. Your body and mind need time to feel the new movement and coordination. We think this is the best way to improve each day and to enjoy skiing safe on the slope. That’s the way you will be able to spend some time together with your friends or family after the lessons too.

Why to start skiing under the guidance of #professional #skiinstructor?

Skiing isn't a sport that takes an hour to learn, it takes a lifetime. The right beginning is the most important. If you are just starting out skiing or #snowboarding, then lessons are an absolute must. The reasons you should always take skiing lessons are: you’ll learn to ski faster; you’ll learn the proper technique from the start and you won’t be as much of a hazard to yourself and others. Getting a lesson from someone trained to teach you how to ski will lead to improvements every hour and a better experience on the slope. To try to learn on your own or with a friend in the beginning is losing time and bringing your life in danger. An instructor can watch your movements to see how your technique can improve, what you are doing wrong, and what hints you'll need to get better. This will make your experience on the snow safe and enjoyable. Now just because you take skiing lessons, doesn’t mean that you won’t get hurt. But taking lessons does reduce the chances of harming yourself and others significantly. And if you use what you’ve learned and keep skiing responsibly, you’re much better off in the long run. You need just to go slowly and to have patience.

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