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Ski Instructor in

 Sankiyski School

Tomislav Tomislavov - 


We are thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our SankiySki School family, the dynamic and highly skilled ski instructor, Tmislav Tomislavov! With a passion for the slopes and a wealth of experience, Tmislav is dedicated to providing an exceptional skiing experience for enthusiasts of all levels.

  •  Member of the Department of Bulgarian Professional Ski Instructors since 2016.

  •  First year Ski instructor in “SankiySki” Ski School.

  • In the beginning of his ski instructor career couple of season in Ulen.

  • Last 3-4 winter teaching ski near his small town

  •  Ski instructor level “Class A”, 8 years’ experience.

  •  Language: English, and Bulgarian.

Comments (1)

Tomi was brilliant with our party of 8. Patient, professional and such a nice guy.

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