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Why to prefer private instructor?

It's a matter of taste whether you take a group course or prefer to learn and improve with a #privateteacher. We in Sankiyski School are specialized more in private lessons and small private groups, because we are keen on the personal service and the closed connection with the clients. The private teacher gives you full attention and can respond to individual needs, making faster progress. In general it can be said that this type of lessons are for people who want to learn to ski quickly and to improve faster, but also wanting to have the max experience on the slope without to lose constantly time waiting for another people.

Private lessons will give you individual attention. This allows you to progress at your own pace and to learn from specific feedback. There is less pressure to keep up with a group or to get impatient waiting for others. Of course these lessons cost more money, but you might progress faster, meaning you may need fewer lessons overall.

Some people require a little more attention and assistance, while others might progress faster than the group and get frustrated waiting for others. A small group lesson of four or fewer people can work better for some learners:

* If your whole family is learning to ski or is at a similar level, there are private #family lessons your entire family can share. That way you can spend more time together. You can get personalized attention and you might save money over paying for multiple people to be in the same group lessons.

* If adults want to learn skiing and are in group of friends with several beginners on the way, it is a top tip to book a private teacher for the group. For a minimal extra charge, they can practice with the entire group and can learn to ski together. This is one of the best ways to learn and the fun is included.

Here are a few tips to save money (or time) and get the most out of your experience:

* Take lesson at off-peak times (weekdays, early season/late season) if you can.

* Take private family lessons or go with a group of friends same level like you to get the most benefit from private lessons.

Skiing is magic – the instructor is the right person to show it to you…

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