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Bansko Tips – Ski & Snowboard Equipment

What do you need to know before you chose the right ski or snowboard equipment for your winter holiday in Bansko?

There are many ski rental places in Bansko - how to choose the most suitable and good for you? Every ski shop has ski and snowboard equipment, but is it enough... what's different? What should you think about before trusting someone? There are many things: the quality of the equipment is essential. New, well-maintained equipment is the basis of proper skiing and feeling the magic of the white sports on the slopes. This means servicing the equipment constantly, applying wax, drying the shoes, and seasonally replacing the equipment with new ones. Even if you don't understand much about skiing, quality equipment is noticeable to everyone. But many people are just looking for a cheap price and don't look at the quality - isn't it different to drive a Mercedes and a Lada? It is the same with skiing and snowboarding - quality equipment makes skiing easier and safer and gives an unforgettable feeling that you can not have with bad equipment😊 And bad equipment can be even very dangerous… So, be careful with and read reviews before you start your holiday.

Another very important factors for choosing the right place are the location, the staff, the working hours of the shop... there are many small details that make a vacation unforgettable. Here in Sankiyski, our clients return back like to their own holiday home and are happy to meet part of their family in Bulgaria. They know where the coffee machine is to take care of themselves, they have their own place to seat or leave the helmets or the gloves for overnight, a warm hug with a friend (this year we will not hug so much because of Covid-19😊)... These all are very small important details that give not only the feeling of a holiday - it is much more than a holiday. 10 years later, since we started our activity in Bansko, we can boldly and proudly say that we have achieved the most important thing: our clients - already friends, long to return again next winter to us... Isn’t it wonderful?

The location of the ski rental shop is also very important because it saves you time to the gondola, and walking with the ski boots is not so comfortable - snowboarders are a bit privileged with it... It is also important to be able to get fitted on the day of arrival, not to waste time the next day, and to be able to leave early enough every morning and not to fall into the queue of the gondola. Well, if you like to sleep, then this is not very important, but remember that the good slopes and the good snow are early in the morning. It's worth the effort.

The staff in the rental shop can help you further with lots of things – arranging busses or taxis up to the mountain, ordering transfer from and to airport, buying in advance the lift passes for you to safe you the time for waiting, buying the birthday cake and making the day really special for you or your dearest… We are doing not only this for our clients in Sankiyski – even more😊

For us in Sankiyski the guest service is a special priority - we treat our customers as we want to be treated when we are on vacation and to give them the feeling of being at home.

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